Titleist Pro V1 vs Pro V1x

At the Wentworth BMW European Tour event I got to speak with Titleist specialists.  They were really helpful in telling me the difference between the various Titleist golf balls.


Amazingly I found out that there is only about a four yard difference across their range in the distance the ball travels from a driver shot.  Yepp that’s from DT Trusoft all the way up to Pro V1.
The major differences in the types of ball are to do with Flight, Spin & Feel.


For example a Pro V1 flies lower than a Pro V1x.  A Pro V1 feels softer than its Pro V1x counterpart.   Finally the Pro V1 spins less than the Pro V1x on iron and short game shots.


To sum it up a Pro V1x will typically launch higher and have a steeper angle of descent than the Pro V1.  The Pro V1 has a more penetrating flight and therefore due to its shallower angle of descent will roll more when it hits the ground.


The Titleist guys were really friendly and gave us samples of the two balls to try.   I’m going to continue to try the Pro V1x balls.  They help with my launch height which is something I’m still working on with my swing.  My dad on the other hand still prefers the DT Trusoft because he likes the feel when playing irons and wedges.   Let’s face it, he gets to use his irons and wedges a lot in a round 😉